Was Jesus really the Son of God?  We're spending several weeks exploring "The Truth about the Son of God.."  We'll discuss whether or not the four Gospels are a reliable account of Jesus' life and whether or not we should pay attention to other gospels which have been written. We'll explore what it means that Jesus claimed to be both fully human and fully divine. We will examine the facts surrounding His death and learn what they teach us about the way He lived. Most importantly, we'll talk about the resurrection, and we'll discuss why it matters whether Jesus rose from the dead or not.

Get Connected

CONNECTION      First we want to help people to Connect with God on an authentic basis. This is not about religious conformity or plastic clichés. No, we want people…people far from God, and people who have known Him for decades to move in close for a real, personal, and intimate relationship with Him. COMMUNITY           Next, we want to encourage and equip people to move into a Community with Others. We need each other. Yet, for past hurts, broken trust, or personal issues, we tend to keep others at a distance. Real community, though, is the place that God has created for us to experience the journey of life. It is here that we share each other’s burdens, victories, and love.

The third leg of our mission is to share Compassion with our Community. We cannot be obedient to our calling to follow Jesus Christ until we have engaged in genuine action and compassion for the least, the last, and the lost. So, we will seek to be the hands, feet, mouth, ears, and heart of Jesus to a hurting world around us. We must  show them that there is a loving Savior who loves them and cares deeply for them.

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